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We are a family-owned law office now in its second generation operating from New Delhi specializing in General Civil and Criminal Litigation besides Supreme Court practice.

We work with a very high level of professional approach and strive through legal excellence to achieve best results for our clients in Civil, Criminal, Arbitration, Family Law and Divorce, Property, Succession, Consumer, Customs and Company Law matters including under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

We are competent, fairly well equipped, and committed to providing sound advice, practical legal solutions, and best representation before the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, and subordinate Courts in Delhi and New Delhi besides National Company Law Tribunal, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, and National Green Tribunal.

We have been successful in providing online legal services remotely to many clients in India and abroad.

Attention to detail, confidentiality, correct application of the law, and total indulgence with focus on efficiency in performance are key to our functioning.

Remote Performance

COVID-19 has forced humankind to innovate and change the way we work and live and that’s how it shall likely be for a fairly long time in the future.

Need of Physical distance, availability of efficient technology that appreciates and is able to address the sensitivity of secure and confidential communication and make remote performance as important and safe as the strategies that only work well for in-office conversations and performances.

Going by example, seeking a legal opinion by consultation through video conferencing creates a much stronger connection than a phone call or an email ever could because it enables you to pick up on important visual cues and engage in more organic conversations with the consultant.

There is no doubt that personal face-to-face meetings may be critical however, it has now got established by chance that remote electronic interaction confirming social distancing is just indispensable and is equally efficient and productive even while addressing a difficult or sensitive issue.

In the given circumstances, we should be looking up to adopting and actively accepting remote interaction and performance to ensure a safe, smooth, seamless and productive environment which is economically advantageous too.

This office is able to receive instructions, accept, address and disseminate on legal issues and legal opinions, drafting of documents, petitions, appeals online and filing as appropriate etc. besides other assignments alike and accomplish them. For any other office, that would possibly be not manageable without personal interaction.

Please write to us at tanejalawoffice@gmail.com.
Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

  • General Civil and Criminal Litigation
  • Divorce and Matrimonial Disputes
  • Arbitration, Commercial, and Company Law
  • Consumer Appeals
  • Property, Succession, and Landlord Tenant Disputes
  • Motor Accident Claims
Supreme Court of India

National Company Law Tribunal - Money Recovery

Money Recovery

Is your hard-earned money stuck somewhere?

Have you supplied goods but not received your payment for the same?

Is you debtor not willing to pay back your money with interest as agreed?

Is some company not processing your invoice after having done their work?

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, worry no more! We are here to your rescue with an immensely powerful tool at our aide called Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code ("IBC"). Ever since the institution of National Company Law Tribunal ("NCLT") on 1st June 2016, Taneja Law Office has been engaged by multiple clients including Corporates, Partnership Firms, Proprietorship Firms, and Individuals, to recover their debts and dues. Handling a wide range of cases with complex legal situations and coming up with equally innovative solutions, have given us hands on experience and expertise in handling insolvency, bankruptcy, recovery etc. matters before the NCLT & NCLAT.

Are you seeking to recover your bad debt or unpaid invoices from your clients?
If you are a business, company or an individual who has given a loan or provided services or supplied goods, etc. to a Company and the Debtor/Corporate debtor who has not paid or defaulted on the payment, then the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016, is the solution to all your problems.

Who Can Initiate Recovery Process In NCLT?
Under the IBC, 2016, the following can start a recovery process un the NCLT against a corporate debtor:
  • Financial Creditor i.e. any person to whom a financial debt is owed by the debtor.
  • Operational Creditor i.e. a person to whom an operational debt is owed with respect to any of the following:
    • Goods or Services
    • Employment
    • Repayment of dues under any law and payable to the Central Government, any State Government, or any local authority.

How does IBC & NCLT help you and why should you opt for this process?
The provisions and framework of IBC are so effective for the creditors since they provide for a time bound relief to the creditors. This is a great step towards improvement as compared to the pre-IBC era wherein only a debtor could voluntarily initiate insolvency proceedings if is absolutely not being able to pay his creditors. Tis had resulted in languishment of the creditors who used to be deprived of their monies for a long period of time and in some cases, forever. However, the IBC has now empowered the creditors to initiate recovery proceedings and to recover their rightful claim from the corporate/financial debtor. Our role in coming to your aid:
Taneja Law Office, having a wide experience in this field, has been using its expertise to meet a high rate of success with their engagements in the NCLT & NCLAT as well as the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, in certain cases. We will handhold you along the entire process taking care of the following:
  • Advisory & Consultancy Services
  • Legal research and citation search
  • Written/Oral legal opinion as per the unique facts & circumstances of your case
  • Drafting of your claim petition and various other pleadings
  • Filing Vakalatnama exhibiting our representation on your behalf in the court proceedings
  • Filing of the said pleadings and various other affidavits & applications
  • Court room arguments and appearance in all hearings
  • Assistance with the Insolvency Resolution Professional (IRP) and Committee of Creditors (COC)
  • Leading evidence and allied strategy planning
  • Drafting and filing of written submissions factoring in the entire legal developments throughout the course of the proceedings
  • Conducting final hearing arguments
  • Enforcing the judgments and decrees of the court

For all legal solutions relating to recovery of your money, kindly get in touch with us

EB-5 visa - The United States

Are you a businessman?

Are you looking to move/expand your business to your business overseas or looking for an investment offer which offers permanent residency and citizenship?

What better place than the country that houses the famous Wall Street – The United States of America. We suggest you do it via the EB-5 Visa Program. This is not limited to only businessmen and any individual wanting to park his surplus funds in an overseas project with decent returns along with gaining the green card to one of the most developed nations in the world, can opt for this method.

Want to know more? Here is some information to help you:

What is the EB-5 visa program?
  • The EB-5 program is currently the only visa program designed to allow foreign investors to gain permanent residence (a “green card”) in the United States which later on also leads to naturalization (Citizenship of USA). There are about a total of 10,000 EB-5 visas available each Fiscal.
  • To qualify for the EB-5 program, you can invest through regional centers approved by USCIS to promote economic growth in designated areas. The best part is that you do not have to live in the city where you are investing. You can live anywhere in the United States.

What is an EB-5 Regional Center?
The EB-5 Regional Center (RC) is an organization/platform for investors looking to complete a project under the EB-5 Program. A regional center can be any private or public economic entity that is involved with the promotion of increased domestic capital, job creation, improved regional productivity, and increased economic growth. It will help you channel your funds into the right projects and get a decent return on the same along with holding your hand through the entire process till you get the green card from the United States government. Regional centers are best for EB-5 applicants who are more concerned with obtaining residency status rather than directly managing an investment on their own.

Our Regional Center in the United States!
We act as the India agent of Crossroads Investment Partners, LLC [www.crossroadseb5.com | www.mv-lawfirm.com], an EB-5 Regional Centre based out of Indianapolis, USA. Crossroads Investment Partners has stepped into the economic development arena in Indiana. It's now working to match foreign investors with activities in such areas as construction, city projects, manufacturing, and health care. They are the Leading Foreign Investors, Securing Permanent Residence, and Achieving Economic Development.

Want to know more about the process?
We conduct webinars from time to time. Contact us for details and take the time to see this Video Explainer.


Rakesh Taneja

Chirag Bhatia


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Advocate Rakesh Taneja is a law graduate of 1990 and is the second-generation lawyer who has focused his practice in matrimonial disputes, Family Law, succession/inheritance, commercial litigation, and money recovery.

He has been handling a broad range of family, child custody, succession, commercial, business, property, and matrimonial disputes and the clients have always benefited from his knowledge and depth of experience.

As a smaller law office with far lower overhead costs, he is able to offer his clients competitive rates to meet their specific needs. He can handle your case individually, or according to the situation readily enlist the services of trusted Senior or Junior Counsel to assist in the effort.

A genuine professional and focused problem-solver, he understands how to design and deploy legal strategies in each case. He aggressively tackles the challenges presented by each case - legal, financial, or otherwise for delivering effective and efficient solutions to help individuals and businesses succeed.

Owing to his effective professional representation, correct application of legal knowledge clubbed with experience, many clients have tasted success in cases under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 before National Company Law Tribunal (New Delhi and Allahabad) and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, New Delhi.

He has been associated with NetLawman in the capacity of an Advisor and has been assisting them since 2004.
Rakesh Taneja
Chirag Bhatia
Advocate Chirag Bhatia is a legal consultant graduated from the renowned Mumbai University and is practicing primarily at the Bombay High Court. An astute sense of law and being shrewd in legal drafting & courtroom arguments has helped him in meeting with a relevant degree of success in the fraternity at an early stage of his career.

He has the experience of handling a wide array of cases including but not limited to International & Domestic Arbitration, Contractual Disputes, Commercial Litigation, Construction matters, Real Estate & Property Title Disputes, Insolvency & Company Law matters, Rent & Eviction matters, Suits for Recovery of Money, Consumer Laws, Bails & Anticipatory Bail before various courts and tribunals including Bombay High Court, Delhi High Court, City Civil & Sessions Courts, Magistrate Courts, National Company Law Tribunal, Small Causes Court, Consumer Disputes Redressal Courts etc.

Owing to his finely tuned knowledge of law and its application, he has had the opportunity of working on high profile cases involving notable Global Companies like Gilbarco Veeder Root, Swiber Offshore PTE Ltd., Larsen & Toubro as well as for Public Sector Undertakings such as Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL), National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) and many more.

He has also assisted various Senior Counsels across a variety of matters including Public Interest Litigation.

His repute has earned him the positions of Editor in Chief at Excelegal, member of Editorial Board at Indian Journal of Constitutional Studies (IJCONS), Senior Editor at Tathya – Walk the Law. He also has to his credit several published research papers, articles & blogs.

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